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Google Review Link Generator

Google Review Link Generator

Problem: Google is constantly changing and it makes it very challenging to provide your customers with a "Review Us" link that actually works on a mobile phone and desktop computer. You want to direct your customers to your Google review page that was never easy to do. The customer is often left to find it for themselves and in most cases they NEVER do.  Having a link direct to your review area solves this problem. Just provide them this link and it will take them directly to your review page!

The Solution: This tool will generate the perfect Review Us link directly from Google. To get your personalized Google review link start typing the name of your business in the search box and then click on your business. You will be given your choice of 3 different review links depending on where you want to send your customer. It will even generate  'short urls' so that you can easily post this link in Facebook posts or emails. Do this today, get more reviews online and get your 5-Star rating on Google!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to help.


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